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Take Your Business to the Next Level
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Do you want to be the $65 per hour investigator with cash flow problems and case loads that go up and down like a yo-yo or the acknowledged expert that has the phones ringing off the hook and commands premium fees?

Discover how to create a constant flow of inquires to your agency, convert prospects into long term clients while minimizing your marketing budget. Eliminate the “marketing frustrations” that 90% of struggling Private Investigators face.

We are looking for PI’s that want to create large successful practices…$500,000, $1,000,000 or more per year in revenues. Just hiring a firm to do SEO or PPC won’t do the trick. We have 33 great strategies that when executed properly can grow your agency by 10-20% per year.

(a $500 Value For Free – Not a Thinly Veiled Sales Call)

Call us today and set up a Free 30-minute marketing briefing. Call 1-888-344-0434 or fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

We’ll first send you an evaluation form that will help us determine what we think you need to reach your goals. It is required you complete the evaluation before our call. Just like seeing a doctor we can’t help you if we don’t know your situation. This is why it’s important for you to fill out the evaluation in as much as possible so we can ensure the 30 Minute Marketing Briefing is about you and your needs.

Obviously everyone’s agency and budget goals are different, so after our conversation we’ll determine what we think is the best fit.

On the 30-minute marketing tune-up we’ll talk about:

  • What you have done
  • What you have not done
  • What works
  • What does not work
  • What your goals are
  • What it is that you need

We combine all our expertise and give you a good plan for moving forward. From there if it makes sense to do business with us – great – if not, no worries. You still get the benefit from the 30-minute marketing tune-up with a lot of good information.

I really want to thank you for coming to this website and taking the time to learn about us. I hope you found it somewhat insightful.

If you haven’t already I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter. Just put your email and name in. I promise we won’t spam you. We don’t believe in that. We’re just going to send you valuable tips, invitations to free webinars, and the latest marketing knowledge in the Private Investigation industry.

If you want to talk to someone right away just go ahead and Contact Us

We really look forward to talking with you.

Thank you,

Paul Beauchemin

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